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Parent Organizations

The following organizations provide a wide range of opportunities for parents to become involved in District 118 Schools and help with our mission to ensure each child reaches their full potential. You can learn more and get involved by following the links below.


Palos 118 Educational Foundation

The Palos 118 Educational Foundation works to raise donations to cover unfunded projects for the District which benefit all students. The Foundation hosts several fundraisers throughout the year while also seeking corporate and private contributions, and state and local government support. Learn more about the Foundation here.

Parent Faculty Association (PFA)

Palos 118 Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is comprised of dedicated parents and school faculty working together on behalf of your children. Every child in District 118 benefits from the various programs and events sponsored by the PFA. In addition, the PFA provides ongoing supplemental financial support to each school, which further enhances the learning experiences available to all children within the District. Visit the PFA's website to learn more.





The Music Parents Association (MPA) at Palos School District 118 is a volunteer organization whose mission is to support the advancement of education through the school district’s music programs. Learn more about the MPA here.